Does your dog have what it takes to become a professional model?

From time to time, Coffee and Hops requires the services of dog models for client commercial work, test shoots, and our personal projects.  Different projects often require all sorts of breeds and sizes, and therefore we need a wide variety of dog models on hand.  If you think your pooch has what it takes, please read through the eligibility criteria below, and submit the application form.

What's in it for you?

For personal projects and test shoots for Coffee and Hops, you will receive a set of watermarked, web resolution images, with the option to purchase digital images and prints/products.  In some instances, where the project is of a confidential nature, we may not supply you with the watermarked images until such time as the project is made public.  You will be notified of this process upfront.

For commercial client work, you may be compensated in the form of products, or financial compensation.  This will depend on the client, and again, you will be informed prior, as to the commercial arrangement.

Eligibility Criteria

Your furry friend needs to be a little more than really ridiculously good looking.  To be a dog model, they must also be super socialised, and have some bomb-proof basic commands in place.

Your application will not be accepted if you and your dog do not meet ALL of the eligibility criteria below.


You must be:

  • Located in Mackay, North Queensland
  • Willing to sign a commercial model/property release for your dog, and optionally for yourself if you wish to be included in the photos.
  • Willing and able to handle and direct your dog for the duration of the shoot if required
  • Available on the date specified in the model call (where applicable)



Your dog must:

  • Have a rock solid STAY in down, sit and stand positions with Distractions, Distance and Duration
  • Be calm and confident in unfamiliar, noisy and busy environments
  • Be easily directed, alert and interested in strange surroundings - without being overly distracted
  • Be obedience trained - bare minimum of sit, down/drop - more advanced tricks are highly regarded
  • Be reliable in off-lead situations with excellent recall
  • Have excellent leash manners – no pulling or lunging
  • Be fit, healthy and not overweight or underweight
  • Be confident and willing to work for other handlers when required
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Have you read and understood all eligibility criteria? *
In addition to the mandatory sit and stay
After we receive your application, we will contact you if we think your dog will be perfect for our model database. At this time we will require a minimum of 3 photos from you. One full body, one close up face/head photo, and one other you feel would support their application. If you are a previous client of Coffee+Hops, these won't be required ;)
By submitting this form you consent to your dog being added to our commercial model database, and their profile being made available to third parties. We will not, however, share any of your personal details with third parties. By submitting this form you also understand that acceptance of your dog into our commercial model database does not guarantee future paid work or free photo sessions. By submitting this form you agree to sign a commercial use agreement and model/property release as required.