Sweet Secrets Trail

I remember photographing my first litter of puppies, and thinking to myself "I have the best job ever".  What I didn't realise is, something could get incredibly close to being better.  I did say 'close', not that it was better ;)

Church Cafe Pinnacle

In April, I was commissioned, as part of a Mackay Regional Council initiative, to take photos of 21 different desserts, created by some of the best chefs/cooks in the Mackay region.  The initiative was to promote our sugar industry heritage, and the amazing food being produced by venues in our region.

In between each dish, there was a little down time, in which we got to taste the previous dessert.  I felt like a Masterchef judge, but with the added bonus, that I didn't have to eliminate anyone.

What I loved about being a part of this, was the common thread of positivity from all the chefs/cooks who participated, in regard to their business, the Council initiative, their involvement, and the local economy.  I know I walked away with a positive attitude, but that could have also been a mega sugar high.  Hard to tell the difference ;)

Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe.jpg