Hey, its Sam here, and I’m going to give you a bit of behind-the-scenes goss. The humans here at Coffee+Hops can be a little grinchy when it comes to this time of year. And while the human with the camera would have you believe that I sleep all the time, I am actually quite excited about the arrival of the big man. Especially now in my old age, it’s a whole lot harder to get on his naughty list.

The human with the camera took a whole heap of photos with Santa the other week. I know this, because I smelled all of those dogs she patted when she got home. Apparently I didn’t get to go because I ‘don’t play well with others’. Whatever. Since I didn’t get to tell Santa in person what I want for Christmas, I thought I would just hijack this blog, give a detailed list, and I am sure he’ll read it. Fingers crossed.


1 // Super Handy, Cute, and Environmentally friendly bag for all my stuff

My friend Clive is all up in this awesome new business Wombat Dog Designs who have these pawsome bags. His human also creates beautiful pet themed cards, for every occasion you can think of. Grab some Christmas ones to go with your presents this year.

Santa you can order everything straight from their website, www.wombat.dog

2 // Some way for me to BE involved with that very small tree the humans JUST put up

In a fleeting bit of Christmas spirit, the human with the camera finally got out the Christmas tree last weekend. I would love this DIY Paw Print Ornament Kit from Barking Mad Treats, so I can claim ownership of said tree. Otherwise I am going to have to work out a way to pee on it.

Santa, you can order this straight from their website, www.barkingmadtreats.com, or head down to Paxton Twilight Markets on Friday, 14th December.



3 // A nice new collar and leash

I’ll be honest, I don’t wear a collar very often, and when I go on walkies I still pull like a demon, and therefore apparently need a harness. However, I would like to look a little more dapper when we have people over, and I think this plaid collar, bow tie and leash combination would be perfect.

Santa, you can order these straight from the Vanity Paws online shop.

4 // Treats!

Really, this is a no-brainer. The more the better. The Pawtisserie Bake Shoppe have a whole Christmas Box available to order! The box includes peanut butter & bacon pups, vegi cactus, cheese & corn bones, liver treats, toy and a bandanna. Perfect to share with your fur-friends, or do what I plan to do, and keep it all for myself.

Santa, you can order this one at www.thesweetspot.net.au, or pick one up at the Paxtons Twilight Markets on Friday December 14th, or any of the Wednesday morning Farmers Markets.



5 // 2019 Calendar

Yes, this is a shameless plug, and I already have my own copy, but seriously who can get enough of my cute-as-heck face. The humans also tell me that all sales are going straight to our local RSPCA Adoption Centre to help all the sweet animals who don’t have it anywhere near as lucky as I do.

Santa, get your copy here.