Pablo & Oatie

Pablo & Oatie the Daschunds during their pet photography session at Mackay Botanic Gardens

They might look similar, but these two cuties have very different personalities. Pablo (on the left) is reserved, very camera shy, and just not that interested in treats. Oatie on the other hand, giving up his belly for rubs within minutes of meeting me, not phased by the camera, and up for as many treats as I could dish out.

The mix of the two can make a session a little difficult to direct, and I give a big shoutout to their humans for putting in the effort to help me get shots like these. 🙌🏻


Please note that Mackay Botanic Gardens is not an off-leash dog area. Both Pablo and Oatie were on leash for the duration of their session, and leashes were removed during post-production.

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