Major's Farm

The gorgeous profile of Major, who lives on an amazing property in Eton.  He gets to share his property with Willow the cat, an assortment of chickens, ducks and peacocks, two grown humans, and one very cute little human.

As soon as I heard they had access to a weir from the property I was all-in and we headed straight there.  I was not disappointed.  

I was also not disappointed in Major's modelling skills.  He is very treat-orientated, which is always a bonus for a pet photography session.  However, he was quite determined to get adequate 'payment' for his skills.

If I took too long with treat delivery, the happy 'ears forward' look in the image above, became the determined look below.

Yes Major, you are gorgeous.

After our trip to the weir, we headed back and got some images of Willow who I think may actually be 20% dog.

Big thank you to Major's family for inviting me out to the property.  I love shooting in new and interesting locations, and I love capturing the special bonds between families and their pets.  You guys certainly delivered.