I was warned (a lot) prior to Frankie's session that he probably wouldn't be a cooperative model.  Well, isn't it just typical of a cat, not to do the expected...

Usually I would spend the first 10-15 minutes of a session completely ignoring the cat model (so they get really curious about me).  For this session, I spent this amount of time trying to wake Frankie from his afternoon nap.  Completely unfazed by the stranger with the camera and noisy shutter button.

Once fully awake, Frankie showed me around his house, and quickly realised that the camera meant access to his favourite 'roo meat.

After some inside play, we headed outside.  

The recent presence of some strangers (of the canine variety), had Frankie a little on edge, and not as confident as he usually would be.  Those eyes though...

Some time on his favourite scratching rug relaxed him a little bit.

I also took a couple of sneaky pics of the fur brothers, Thor (top), and Zeus (bottom).  Both, as it turns out, extremely treat orientated.

Thank you Frankie for allowing me into your home, and being so hospitable.  You were the perfect host.