Bessy, Emma & Bosco

If you know of a more gorgeous sister combination than bessy+emma, I want to know about it.  Bessy with the beautiful blonde ringlets, and Emma with the striking red hair, and both, wonderfully sweet.

The afternoon was quite overcast, and while that meant we weren't blessed with the golden tones of late afternoon sunshine, the clouds provided us with a beautiful uniform lighting, perfect for showcasing the beautiful hair and blue eyes of the girls.

Let's not forget fur-brother Bosco.  A little excited at the start of the session, Bosco (like most labradors), quickly realised that posing = treats.

I am so grateful to be asked to take any photos for clients, but particularly sessions like this.  I like to think that in years to come, when the girls become teenagers (and all that comes with that), that mum and dad can use them to reminisce that they were cute and innocent once ;)  The, when the girls are all grown and have families of their own, that they themselves might look back at the photos and reminisce on the bond that only sisters can share.