Top Tips for Camera-Ready Make-up

7+ makeup tips for your photography session or event

When it comes to your photography session, or an upcoming special event, use the following top tips when applying your makeup to ensure you're looking camera-ready.

Get scrubbing

Use a gentle exfoliator the day before to get your skin glowing luminous without the need for any filters!

Not too light, not too dark, just right

Take the time to have your foundation colour matched properly - by a professional.

To avoid looking like Casper the ghost

If the event is at night, or will the photography session will involve flash/artificial light, make sure the foundation you use doesn't contain SPF.  SPF can cause 'flashback', making you look like you've seen a ghost, or you look like one.  This tip goes for your powder also.

Contour & Highlight

Only contour where you NATURALLY get shadow on your face, to avoid looking blotchy. Same for highlighter to avoid the greasy look!

High definition

HD video is different to normal video, for personal use or commercial work.  It will show up a lot more detail and requires extreme care when applying your makeup.  Good rule is; if it looks like you're wearing makeup to the naked eye, it will definitely look like makeup on HD.

Darker skin tones

Eye makeup - avoid pastel and ashy tones as they will disappear into your skin - warm shades and eye definining blacks will look amazing

Don't use white highlighter, instead embrace gold, creams and yellows.

Darker skin can appear shiny, so choose oil-free products unless you have severely dry skin.

Heavily pigmented blusher and lipsticks are KEY for darker skintones, especially in photoshoots. You don't want to look wish-washy, or worse look like you've not put ANY colour on!

Lighter skin tones

When it comes to lighter skin tones, make sure your foundation matches YOUR undertone.  If you're on the lighter side, did you know you can still have an olive or cool undertone?  Typically, most foundations you find in-store or at the chemists don't have a foundation to match light skin tones with an olive undertone.

To reduce redness, mix a yellow or preferably green based liquid concealer in with your foundation before applying.  The foundation mix should not appear green, but the green will reduce the red tone in your skin.  Perfect if you have rosacea.

Fair skin, and fair hair?  Be careful when blending foundation that you don't get the baby hairs surrounding your hairline.  This will darken these tiny hairs and look obvious in photos.

Don't forget to highlight even just a soft glow on the high points of your face.  It will help to make your face pop.  Bringing you out of 'pancake face 2D dimension land' and into 'real person territory'.  Foundation gives you a blank canvas to work with and highlighter can just softly enhance with a nice glow.

Luscious Lips

Finally, to have the ultimate kiss-proof, smear-proof, eat-proof, and drink-proof look, be sure to finish with your favourite Lipsense colour combination.

This article was kindly written by Dustyn from DAMN Beauty.  If you would like to take the guess work out of applying your makeup for an upcoming photography session or event, we highly recommend booking with Dustyn.  She will have you looking fabulous, and flaw-free :)