HOWARD + ROCCO at the Botanic Gardens

Ready for some pug personality?  Rocco and Howard are here to deliver.


Howard was only 5 months old at the time of their session, but after some initial excitement, modelled like a pro.


Older brother Rocco, was also more than willing to pose for the camera (so long as the treats kept coming).


I'm sorry, but does it get much cuter than this...


Rocco is Gina's first baby, and unfortunately, at only the age of 4, a cancerous tumour had to be removed from his lip.  The prognosis after this wasn't great, but at their session, over 6 months later, there is no way you could tell he was sick.


Howard also gets the award for being able to get the closest to my wide angle lens (without licking it).  In the following image, his face was less than 2cm from the end of the lens.  See?  Total professional.

Session Share 6.jpg

They were also more than willing to get into a couple of shots together.


...and my favourite image from their session.