HERMES + ZOEY get ready for their baby sister

What wasn't there to love about this session.  Two adorable daschunds, two wonderfully relaxed humans, a glowing mum-to-be, and a gorgeous garden at their home to work in.  

Hermes and Zoey could not have been more different in terms of their focus during the session.  After taking a few minutes to warm up to this stranger entering their home, both quickly realised I was a human treat dispenser.  From that point on, Zoey was all about the treats.  Hermes, while he still had a thing for the treats, was much more interested in chasing his toys.

As you can see, Zoey likes to poke her tongue out, like a lot.  Not to be outdone in terms of quirkiness, Hermes had to have a spinal fusion operation, and as a consequence, his little tail always sticks out to the left. 

The main reason for the session, however, was to capture this incredibly special time for A+L.  We scheduled the session perfectly, with their little girl arriving just 1 week later (and a couple of weeks earlier than predicted).

While Hermes went off and played with his toys a bit more.  Zoey was more than willing to keep posing (flower collar and all).  Just so long as the treats kept coming.

Thank you A+L for allowing me into your home, and taking these images for you.  Congratulations on the safe arrival of the little one.