Bess + Lily

Getting out of the car, I was pleased to feel a cool(ish) breeze, and I was excited to explore a new session location.  In fact, it wasn't just a new location, I was in a city that I have never actually visited before; Ipswich.  Queens Park in Ipswich is beautiful.  Meandering, with links to adjacent schools and a cafe.  There is also a nature reserve and an amazing Japanese gardens.  Unfortunately both of these areas are not open to dogs, even on leash.  Given my models for the afternoon were of the canine variety, that was a big bummer.  It didn't take me long to find a gorgeous spot with filtered sunlight through trees, creating the perfect backdrop for these to girls.  Introducing Bess and Lily:

Bess is a border collie, with so much love for her human.  Not a huge fan of the camera,  or my treats, we gave her a fair bit of distance when taking her portraits.  As long as her human was close, she was more than willing to pose, and react to my assortment of noises.

Bess the border collie

Lily, on the other hand, was definitely a fan of the treats.  Possibly a little too much ;)  As a puppy, her litter was attacked by another dog.  Lily faired the worst of the pups, losing an eye.  Like all one-eyed dogs I have met, this does not slow her down in the slightest.  She also has the cutest little white beard.

Lily the poodle

Thank you girls for a lovely afternoon, showing me a small part of your little corner of the world.

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Please note that Ipswich Queens Park is not an off-leash area, and all images were taken with Bess and Lily on leash.  Leashes were removed during post-retouching.