It wasn't at his session that I first met Dozer.  I first met this little guy at his house, when I was delivering a canvas that was a present for his human.  In terms of his greeting, lets just say, I could have been mistaken for thinking there was a MUCH larger dog on the other side of the fence.  When we met for his session at Shoal Point Beach, however, he was a lot more eager to make friends.

I quickly learned that his skill set included waving.  Lots of waving.  Especially for treats as payment for such a skill.

He was an extremely good model (when the treats kept coming), happy to sit up on the rocks for as long we wanted.  Such the sweetest little smile, and ever so slight headtilts.  Although this session was booked for Dozer, not long beforehand, Dozer became a big brother to a rescue pup Raffie.

Raffie, only having been with Dozer for a couple of weeks, was still very timid, but you could tell that the two of them had already formed a very special bond.

See what I mean?  Modelling star.  "Oh you'd like my side profile now? No problems." ;)

How else to finish a session at Shoal Point Beach, and beautiful colour sunsets, but with a silhouette shot.