As pet lovers, it is the absolute last thing you want to think about; the day you have to say goodbye to them.  Their lives are always too short.

We had to say goodbye to our girl Jessie last year, and it is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  Maybe not everyone understands how difficult it is.  Maybe it's something only those who have pets, that are less like 'pets' and more like 'family', will understand.  I feel confident, though, that those who follow us here at Coffee+Hops fall into the latter category.

JESSIE (image courtesy of  Charlotte Reeves Photography )

JESSIE (image courtesy of Charlotte Reeves Photography)

The one thing I am forever grateful for is having Charlotte Reeves take photos of our two cuties, well before Jessie went blind, and certainly well before her final days.  I take comfort looking back on these photos.  It is because of this very session, that I started specialising in pet photography.  What better way to combine my love of photography, with my love of animals, and to be able to provide people with everlasting images of their beloved pets.  

That is what I would like to provide you with.  Amazing images of your loved ones, when they are at their zany, goofball, fluffy, curious, wont-stop-moving, laid-back, treat-loving, ball-chasing best.  Unfortunately that's not always possible.  Life gets in the way, and things like a photo session of the fur-members of the family gets put on the back burner.   I totally understand that, and I want to provide you with options, so that you can have tangible memories that will help keep them close, long after they're gone.

Coffee+Hops are now Joy Session Premium Members, and are pleased to offer two pet-specific photography services: Devotional Sessions and Best Day Ever Sessions.  


These sessions are for those pets that have very limited mobility, with the session being held at your home.  This is not about taking photos of your dying pet.  This is about capturing the personality of this wonderful animal you have shared your home with.


These sessions are a little longer than our standard pet photography sessions.  On booking, I will discuss with you all the things your pet loves, and we devise a 'best day ever'.  This could mean a trip to the beach, followed by an ice-cream, and a sleep on the deck.  Or it could be a trip to the park, the biggest burger they have ever seen, and lots of belly rubs.

In either session, I make every effort I can to make it a 'joyful' experience.  A celebration of their life and everything they have meant to you.

Both of these sessions fall outside of our standard booking policy.  So even if we are booked out for a number of months in advance, we will always fit these in.

You can find out more about our pet photography sessions, and package inclusions and prices here.  As always though, if you have any questions, please ask.