DEXTER has a ball at Bucasia Beach

Until Dexter, I had not had the pleasure of a session with a cattle dog, or much experience with the breed at all.  He definitely lived up to my expectations of a working dog breed.  Extremely focused when he needed to be, but much happier when free to run.

We took a few 'beauty' shots first up, including making him captain of his very own (disused) boat.

I love Bucasia Beach and the esplanade for the variety of backdrops you can get in the one session.  We started down the boat ramp end, and after a thwarted escape attempt from Dexter, we made our way down to the beach.

I was warned going in, that he wouldn't be particularly fussed about treats, but balls on the otherhand, are a whole other story.

After catching them, he likes to have a bit of a kick around with them on his own.  His mum tells me he also likes to do this splashing thing with his paws in his water bowl, and uses his paw to splash the water into his mouth.  Cute and quirky.  My favourite.

Not quite sure what resulted in this reaction, but I like to think it's the moment he spotted the water.

Dexter had zero issues with running back and forward in the water for me...

or chasing sticks on repeat.

To finish the session, he kindly modelled for a few more beauty shots, so I could take full advantage of the amazing light on sunset.  The slightly overcast afternoon created this beautifully cool blueish light to the sunset, which showed off Dexter's gorgeous blueish coat.