Meet happy Hugo, with the best smiley eyes in the business.  Hugo and his humans met me a little while ago at Lamberts Beach.  Firstly, we got down into the sands and rocks for some sheltered-from-the-sun shots.

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you would have already seen the image above (on the left), as it was a perfect example of how I can edit out leashes (and people) from the final image, to make your pup look like the perfect model (you can check out the post here).  Hugo, while keen for treats, was a little stressed out during the session.  This just happens sometimes.  Remember, we are asking them to do stuff that's a little weird, they are usually meeting me for the first time, and it's not their usual beach outing or walk routine.  So what did we do to de-stress Hugo?  Lots of pats, lots of cuddles, lots of treats, and lots of "good boy".

We moved up to the grassed area on the western face of the lookout, just in time to catch the gorgeous golden glow of the late afternoon.  

Then headed back down to the beach, to finally let Hugo have some fun in the sand and water.