Posting Your Invitations

With Australia Post's recent price rise and changes to delivery times, I thought it might be prudent to summaries the current guidelines and prices for sending letters within Australia, for our invitation clients.

Please note that this information is accurate as of March 2016, and is subject to change.  Please check the Australia Post website for the most up to date information.


Most invitations being sent out are within the guidelines for a 'letter'.  But did you know that letters can fall into two categories:  small and large, with the following maximum dimensions.

Small: weight 250g, size 130 x 240mm, and 5mm thickness

Large:  weight 500g, size 260 x 360mm, and 20mm thickness

Current postage cost for a small letter is $1, and large letters are $2+ (depending on weight).  So it is important, where possible, to ensure you stick to the maximum dimensions of the small letter, otherwise you could see yourself spending double the amount in postage.


To allow your invites to be delivered with ease, it does pay to follow Australia Post's rules on addressing your envelopes.  You can find their guidelines here.


If the idea of sticking a postage stamp with farm machinery on it, on to your beautifully printed envelopes chills you to the bone, there is another way!  If you have 50+ invitations to post, don't put stamps on them, instead, take them to the counter of your local post office, and ask to have the 'Postage Paid' imprint stamp.  The lovely person behind the counter will then hand stamp a much less intrusive black ink stamp in the top right corner.


When posting your invites, save the dates, thank you cards, or announcements, you should also be aware that with regular post, they may take a little longer, and that this should be allowed for when working out when to start your invitations.  Standard delivery times with Australia Post for regular mail is now 2-6 business days.  Some clients have reported that in for some of their guests, it has taken almost 10 business days (ie 2 weeks) for invitations to be received.

If you would like help with your invitations, Coffee+Hops offer consultation appointments, free of charge.  Contact us to book.