Freda + Friends // Available for Adoption

I spent some time in the cat area of the Mackay RSPCA Adoption Centre, trying, only somewhat successfully, to get some photos of the cuddly cats.

For more information on any of these cuties, please contact the Mackay RSPCA Centre.

First up is Freda, a sweet tortoiseshell with a very soft coat.  A little shy at first, she definitely loves a cuddle once she gets to know you.  Loves hiding under things, and she doesn't mind other cats, if you already one or two.  If you are lucky enough to adopt sweet Freda, you are entitled to a free 'espresso' photography session with us.

Selena is a light tortoiseshell with gorgeous colouring.  She was trying to get my attention the whole time I was taking photos of Freda.  Very curious and loves pats and cuddles.  She started purring before I had even started giving her a neck scratch.

Mona Lisa, just like the painting, likes to be looked at and admired.  Preferring a nice warm place up high, so that she can look down on the world.  Not a big fan of other cats, she would be more suited to a home where she is the only furry face demanding attention.

Mandy would make a great photographer's cat.  Very comfortable with the camera, and more than willing to pose.  Loves a cuddle, and the girls at the centre tell me that she has even fallen asleep on them.

Molly is such a sweetie.  Very curious of the camera, and after giving it a sniff, gave me the go ahead to take her photo, by posing like this.  She has also bonded quite strongly with Mandy above.

Lamington loves a pat, but also loves her space.  Pretty much gave me this 'Blue Steel' look the whole time I was there.

Lastly, we have Mackay who had the biggest personality today.  Constantly talking to me while I was taking the photos.  Loves cuddles, and would be best suited to a family that can give her lots of attention and playtime.