Kelly Drobek // Business Branding

Recently we had the absolute pleasure to design the logo and brand identity for a good friend of mine.  Kelly is a health & wellness coach who specialises in weight loss, nutrition, self love, movement, and best of all, balance for us busy bees.

As part of her design package, we designed the main logo, with a number of style and colour alternatives.  This allows Kelly to use the logo that best suit her needs at any time, whilst ensuring they are cohesive, and maintain a consistent look to her audience.  The branding isn't limited to just the logo though.  We also supplied her with a branding document, which outlines standard colours, fonts, and patterns to use throughout her marketing.

Kelly also wanted some printed materials, in the form of business cards (an absolute must), and a flyer that details her services and prices.   Already having chosen who would provide the printing, we designed both to suit the printers specifications, so all Kelly had to do was upload and order.

Highly recommend that you check out Kelly on Facebook, and follow her, to receive daily inspiration and tips, to improve your health & wellness.

If you have just started a new business, or would like a refresh for the new year, contact us for a personalised quote based on your needs.