Firstly, meet Jingles, a 9 year old maltese shitsu cross.  She has an extraordinary amount of energy for her age, and when on lead, pulls like a racehorse.  Not a big fan of toys (unless she can steal one from her sibling), she is a big fan of treats (and food).  Known to put on a show for her dinner at night.


and this is Ferris, a 5 year old jack russell, foxy cross.  Ferris' absolutely favourite thing to do is play ball, which I was treated to during my visit.  Quite vocal if you take too long to throw it again, and after a few throws, will then jump in the pool to cool off, before starting back again.  According to his humans, he also likes playing with other toys, shoes, bathmats, and the mail...

I had the pleasure of meeting these two and their humans at home for half of their session, before heading to the botanic gardens.  This session was quite literally a session of two halves.  During the first half (at home), Jingles was the perfect model:

while Ferris was more interested in his ball and going for a swim.

Once we got to the gardens, however, it was Ferris' time to shine.

Check out the video below for a few more select images from their session: