The Armstrongs + Archers

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of spending some time with this extended family of 9.  We braved high winds and sand blasting at the gorgeous Illawong Beach, to capture some family photos, before the older members of the family had to head home overseas.

So much love in this family.  Paul was definitely the king of outtakes this session...

The two boys were rock stars throughout the entire session.  No eye rolling, no fidgeting.  Photographer's dream.  Can you boys sit in this itchy grass, that might have some prickles in it?  No problem.

151005_ARM001 Family_PA050129.jpg

I'm not sure on the history behind it, but apparently this photo was a must do...

These guys were so much fun.

Thank you Susan for allowing me to take your family photos :)