Do beagles always come in pairs?  Just like dachshunds, I don't think you can get one, without eventually ending up with two.  Meet Dakota and Denver.

Dakota is a 5 year old who likes to be in charge, and apparently also likes to sunbake.  She has been known to boss her little brother around.  I saw none of this during her session.  What I did get to see was an extreme number of facial expressions, and OMG, those ears!

See what I mean, those ears! 

Denver is a 3 year old who gets really excited at dinner time, and for squeaky toys.  He also has an ice addiction.  Fortunately, just the water kind.  You can't bring out a full esky without giving him a couple of cubes.  Denver is also known for his OCD tendencies and doesn't like to see things out of place in his yard or on his patio.

The best thing about a beach session at Illawong Beach?  If you time things correctly, and are willing to brave the bities, you can mix in some gorgeously lit grass shots at the end of the session.  For these guys, it was the perfect backdrop to the secret we had brewing...

...Dakota & Denver will be on guard duty soon.  One of the very best parts of what I do, is that I get to keep very special secrets about special events and life happenings.

Congratulations Hobleys!  We look forward to meeting the new addition in January :)